What Splits Apex Legends Players on the Triple Take: Is It Overrated or S Tier?

This season, players in the gaming community are currently discussing whether the Triple Take should be classified as a top-tier weapon in Apex Legends.

While some commend its efficacy, others question whether it is overstated. Discussions in the community continue, with gamers offering a variety of viewpoints based on their experiences and thoughts on this well-known sniper rifle. Let’s go deeper into the reasons for and against the Triple Take.

Does the Triple Take Actually Qualify as S Tier?

The Apex Legends community has varying views on the Triple Take’s designation as a S category weapon. While some players praise its versatility to various battle circumstances, others argue that its usefulness decreases when opponents upgrade shields and get greater attachments.

The Skill Factor

Certain players credit their success with the Triple Take on their talent rather than the gun’s innate capabilities. Proficient targeting and smart placement may improve any weapon in Apex Legends, leading to conflicting perspectives on the Triple Take’s effectiveness.

Balancing Act

The ongoing debate about the Triple Take reflects broader community concerns about weapon balance in Apex Legends. As players adapt to changing metas and strategies, the perceived usefulness of individual weapons, such as the Triple Take, may shift.

Within Apex Legends’ dynamic environment, opinions of weapon efficacy frequently fluctuate with each update and shift in gameplay dynamics. The ongoing debate about the Triple Take’s place in the current meta shows the game’s ever-changing community and strategic approaches.


  • Players’ opinions on the Triple Take vary, with some seeing it as a versatile powerhouse and others believing it is ineffective when compared to superior guns.
  • Certain players attribute their success with the Triple Take to personal talent rather than the weapon’s inherent attributes.
  • The ongoing argument over the Triple Take’s performance reflects wider discussions about weapon balancing among the Apex Legends community.

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