Xbox Game Pass New Games for October 2023 Wish List

With new interesting titles like Spiritfarer and Payday 3 being introduced, Xbox Game Pass is entering a new golden age.

This October, Xbox Game Pass could use a hearty dose of horror titles, and this year's Dead Space Remake is one of the best available. 

Dead Space Remake

Dead Space, one of the best gaming remakes ever, improves on the 2008 original in almost every way, from a more open-ended Metroidvania level design to stronger gameplay mechanics, customization choices, and an expanded story. 

It's quite unlikely that two top-notch horror game remakes will be released within a month or two of one another, yet that's exactly what occurred at the beginning of the year.

Resident Evil 4 Remake

Resident Evil 4 Remake, another excellent remake of a vintage horror game, was released by Capcom less than two months after Dead Space Remake. 

The first Alan Wake should finally be available on Xbox Game Pass, preferably in its more current remastered edition, considering a sequel is just around the corner.

Alan Wake Remastered

Dead Space and Resident Evil 4 are survival horror games, while Alan Wake is more action-oriented, making it a good Halloween alternative. 

Until Dawn would be a fantastic addition to Xbox Game Pass for October and is a perfect pick for spooky date nights and Halloween parties. 

Until Dawn

One of the first narrative games where decisions matter, Until Dawn is still regarded Supermassive's greatest, and its cast of horror movie stereotype characters is always fascinating to play with.

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