Real-World Locations in The Last of Us Games

The Last of Us is one of the few post-apocalyptic video game franchises that can truly show us what our planet might be like after the end of the world.

Joel and Tess are directed by Marlene to deliver Ellie to the Capitol Building, where more Fireflies would be waiting, when taking Ellie outside of the Boston Quarantine Zone.

Massachusetts State House

Joel and Ellie become stranded in Pittsburgh halfway through The Last of Us Part 1 and must battle their way out of a city overrun with hunters.

Fort Duquesne Bridge

Joel and Ellie travel with Henry and Sam to a radio tower after being picked up by them in Pennsylvania's downriver. They pass through a suburban area on their route.

Waverly Township

Ellie fights for her and Joel's survival in The Last of Us Part 1's deadliest chapter. While healing Joel, Ellie must confront a horde of cannibals in a resort town near Silver Lake in Colorado's winter.

Silver Lake

When players arrive in Seattle in The Last of Us Part II, Ellie and Dina must find gas downtown. Naughty Dog's modest but intriguing open-world includes several puzzles, infected to fight, and mysteries to discover.

Downtown Seattle

Ellie and Dina walk to the TV station while searching for Abby's friends. Players see the Seraphites, one of the two Seattle faction groups, and fight the WLF as Ellie and Dina search for clues.

KOMO Plaza

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