7 Rude Gym Habits You Need to Stop Doing ASAP

You zone out in the gym. You're enjoying "me time" and trying to maximize your workout. However, gyms are public spaces, so it's crucial to behave properly no matter how far you are in your workout. Respect others exercising around you by being nice and not obnoxious. 

Gym etiquette: Don't be that person

So your zodiac sign's best workout requires a mat, Bosu ball, free weights, foam roller, incline bench, and kettlebells? Great, but remember the gym's cardinal rule when you're done. Return all equipment after your workout.

Leaving a mess behind

We know you're lifting a lot. Heavy weightlifting is hard, thus no one is impressed. Grunting with every lift "no one is impressed, you get no points, and no one talks to you. Relearning how to breathe properly will help you gain strength and lean muscle."

Grunting the entire time

There's no need to video chat with your partner while applying cosmetics in the locker room. Please put this at the top of your gym no-do list.

Making the locker room public

Every gym has an informal "no-lift zone" called the weight rack. Good gym etiquette dictates that you cannot workout within five feet of the weight rack. "Standing in front of the rack to start bicep curls blocks the gym from using the weights.

Setting up camp by the weight rack

As you would never assume a pregnant lady is pregnant, you should never give gym-goers unsolicited compliments, even if you believe you're being kind.

Praising a stranger's progress

A gym has just so many machines and pieces of equipment, thus gym etiquette during peak times may require you to remember preschool sandbox skills. "Be courteous of others when using the equipment." "Tell someone waiting to use the same thing how long you will be. Better still, let them work between your sets.

Being a machine hog

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