5 New steam games you probably missed.

On an average day, Steam releases around dozen games, which can make it challenging to stay updated. It's easy for potentially exciting games to get Amidst the flood of new releases on Steam, it's easy for potentially thrilling discoveries to get overlooked. That's why we've taken the initiative to meticulously sift through every game making its debut.

Ugly, a puzzle platformer featuring strikingly macabre artwork, unfolds within the "forgotten corners of a troubled aristocrat's psyche," liberating it from any need to adhere to the constraints of reality.

1) Ugly 

It's a boxing game that offers an over-the-shoulder viewpoint, emphasizing one-on-one battles against a colorful array of unconventional adversaries.

2) Thunder Ray

This is a must-try for fans of intricate beat 'em up games, while also serving as a great choice for players seeking a gradually unfolding narrative experience.

3) Fading Afternoon

More notably, No Sun To Worship offers a contemporary interpretation of classic Metal Gear and Splinter Cell gameplay, complete with graphics reminiscent of the PS1 era.

4) No Sun To Worship

In Heretic's Fork, you assume the role of an office worker tasked with making strategic card-based choices to manage the inhabitants of hell. Your objective is to eliminate the antagonists using powerful automatic weapons.

5) Heretic's Fork

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