5 exercises to avoid in your ab workouts, and what to do instead

Some abdominal exercises are pointless for building a solid core. If you want visible abs, you must focus on your body fat percentage.

Instead of constant ab workouts, focus on food and full-body strength training that target all muscle groups. A 5-move compound exercise sequence sears your core.

Instead of crunches, try dead bugs, bicycle crunches, or planks. If you love crunches, perform them on an exercise ball for a more effective workout.


Like crunches, if you want to do sit-ups, try doing them on a Swiss ball. Instead, swap your sit-ups for planks, that target the muscles along the front and side of your mid-section.


Instead of incline sit-ups, try dead bugs, hollow body holds, and farmer's walks to strengthen your core.

Incline sit-ups

Side planks work your obliques better than side bends. You can increase weight by carrying a dumbbell or one of the best ankle weights in your upper arm or leg. Easy core strength and stability with the side plank.

Side bends

Instead, try bicycle crunches or medicine ball throws for powerful rotational force without lower back stress.

Russian twists

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