The Sims 4 Households Management Guide

In The Sims 4, you will move your Sims regularly in and out of the households. For you to fully understand splitting and merging households as well as how to move your Sims in and out of the homes, we’ve produced this Sims 4 Households Management guide.

How To Setup Household In The Sims 4

The Household in The Sims 4 is essentially your Sim’s family, friends, or roommates. A maximum of eight Sims may be in the household, which can be handled in the Create-A-Sim area.

While concentrating on a single Sim is advised, you can also play with friends, parents, spouses, kids, and roommates.

You can build your fraternal twin siblings in Create-A-Sim mode in addition to creating your parents and children by using the genetics option. Try out your Household’s capabilities now that you are aware of what it may be used for to establish enduring bonds right away.

How To Merge Households

How To Merge Households

Go to Manage Households and click on it in The Sims 4 to merge households. This will lead you to your residences. Choose the household that you wish to merge with another one now.

To transfer Sims across households, click the two arrows icon that appears in a pop-up window. You’ll then be sent to the Household Split and Merge window. Any household there can now be chosen to unite with the first one.

The next step is to choose a Sim or Sims from the right Household, then click the arrow to move them to the left Household. When merging two families in The Sims 4, you can choose every Sim in one family and relocate them to the other.

They will be combined with different homes in this fashion, and their financial assets will also be given to the other household. Simply click the green checkmark to save after you’ve finished merging. You may view the recently combined households by visiting ‘My Households’.

How to Merge Households After A WeddingHow To Merge Households

You can move an active Sim to the spouse you want to live with after the wedding and ask to have the households merged. The option to “Ask to Move In” must now be selected.

Christine can phone Freddie and ask him to stay with her, just like in The Sims 4. He will say yes to the proposal because they are already wed.

How To Ask Another Sim To Move In

For asking another Sim to move in with you in Sims 4, you will need to have a relationship with them. A relationship with a Sim will enable an interaction called “Ask Move In,” which can be seen in the friendly category.

When you do this interaction on a Sim, a screen will open up that will show you all the Sims from both Households. Using this interaction, any Sim can move from one household to another. The Sim will take Simoleons to the other households as well.

How To Move A Sim out Of The Household

You can ask a Sim to leave the household and go to another one with the Move-out interaction, just like you can with the move-in. You will be presented with two alternatives in a window after using the Move out interaction on a Sim.

The other is “Pack Up and Go,” and one is “Leave Household.” While transferring a Sim to a nearby household, you can select Leave household. You should be aware of how to age up toddlers in Sims 4 if you wish to do that as managing your children is part of household management.


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