Sims 4 Mod WooHoo Wellness and Pregnancy Overhaul


All Modules except module 1 are Removable At Will

o Risk&Protection (pregnancy risk, protection & fertility)

o PregnancyTermination (abortions)

WTDs (WooHoo Transmissible Diseases – REQUIRES Risk & Protection installed)

PaternityTesting (paternity tests etc)

TeenPregnancy (teen pregnancy and reactions to teen pregnancy)

PregnancyAcceptance (possibility of acceptance of unwanted pregnancy)

CheatingModule (reactions and interactions related to cheating)

AlternativePregnancy (Surrogates & artificial insemination processes)

Module 1: Pregnancy Preferences & Interactions

Description of characteristics related to pregnancy preferences. Does your Sim want kids now, is fine with anything or doesn’t want kids at all? What about the other person? How would everything work out if they have different wishes? …
+ Educate or excite each other about the impending baby, attend parenting programs or counseling, and more!

Sims 4 Mod WooHoo Wellness and Pregnancy Overhaul

Module 2: Pregnancy Risk & Protection, fertilitY

a description of the features focused on pregnancy risk and prevention strategies. Sims can agree not to use protection with particular Sims, take birth control or not, get sterilized, and more.

Module 3: WooHoo Transmissible Diseases

The Sims can acquire a number of WooHoo Transmissible Disorders (you can give them genuine or fictitious names), accuse one another of spreading illnesses and cheating, be accepted despite their ailments or rejected, and more.

Module 4: Paternity Testing

In this game, Sims can find out who their child’s father is, reveal lies or the truth, force someone into marriage, reject offspring, and more.

Module 5: Teen Pregnancy Module

Teenage Sims are able to become pregnant in this game, panic over it, make their parents flip out, and either receive support or be expelled.

Module 6: Unwanted Pregnancy Acceptance

where Sims can mature to accept an unwelcome pregnancy, and infants are born with parents feeling toward them

Module 7: Cheating and Being Faithful

A cheating module that modifies the sentiment behavior, tiers it based on the severity of the mistake, and provides additional features and opportunities related to cheating.

Module 8: Alternative Pregnancy (Artificial Inseminations & Surrogacy)

a module that lets Sims undergo artificial insemination, take on the role of a surrogate mother or have another Sim bear their child.

Module 9: Adoption Overhaul

PARTIALLY released

a module that, following agreement or conflict, enables your Sims to give their kids up for adoption. provides an alternative method of adopting children. Sims will have to meet the requirements of adoption agents rather than simply phoning a phone number, leaving, and returning with a child. Searching for their biological parents will be possible for Sims.

Module 10: Break Up, Makeup, and Everything In Between, + Co-parenting

A module for circumstances in which children are left in the middle of a parent’s divorce and must co-parent. There is a module for the “separated” status, from which Sims can reconcile or not. Child support, aspects of co-parenting, failing and mending marriages, amicable or contentious divorces, and everything else that goes along with it.

sims 4 Relationship Wellness Mod

If you recently installed the mod, it won’t recognize relationships before installation; it will only recognize relationships after installation. I had to make this adjustment, despite how inconvenient it was, to make the mod more effective. You can perform the following if you want the items to show up on relationships that existed before installing the mod:

  • the ‘actions’ section of the settings
  • the first one, turn it on.
  • From one sim, click on the partner
  • The relationship bit should be added under “actions” as “Lumpinou simHasRel” or something like that

Similar to custody, it will start to emerge for Sims who have had children following installation. For people who have already had children, you can:

  • as previously described, turn on the first setting.
  • choose the active SIM.
  • ‘add trait’ and ‘trait HasChild forInteractions’ should be added under ‘general management’ and ‘general debug’.





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