Sims 4: How To Take Vacation DAy

Your sims have the option to take vacation days once they begin working.

It’s a crucial phase in the career development of your sim.

In this post, I’ll go over taking a vacation day in The Sims 4 and how to make the most of it.

How to Determine Vacation Days

How to Determine Vacation Days

In general, the sims’ vacation days differ depending on their occupation. You can quickly determine how many vacation days your Sims have by looking at their career symbol on the left.

How To Take Vacation Days

How To Take Vacation Days


Click it while you are in your sims phone’s career section. The phrase “Take a vacation day (Your sim’s career)” will appear. Simply click it, and you’ll notice that your sim is about to answer a call on the activity page. After that, you might see that your sim went on vacation in your notification bar.

What matters most is that your sim will be paid at the end of the shift for the entire day. Also, even though they skipped a day of work, your sims’ performance at work is not diminished by a vacation day.

Why Take Vacation Days

When your sims are actively engaged in their careers, they require a vacation to reset their perspective. Under your sim’s face on the left side of the screen, you can see their need for a holiday.

How To Take Family Leave

How To Take Family Leave

Pregnancy is now taken into account by the time-off mechanism. A pregnant Sim is still required to report to work for the first two trimesters. They must use vacation days in order to take days off, but they are still permitted to do so. A pop-up notification notifies you that a pregnant Sim may now take family leave after they reach the third trimester. Even better, either parent is permitted to use this paid time off.

Family Leaves function precisely like standard vacation time. You make no progress reversals and receive your daily wage. You don’t use any of your vacation days, which is the difference. Both parents can take a day off from work the day after the baby is born to help with the infant stage. Be aware that taking a family leave is completely optional. You can choose to have the mother and father work through the pregnancy.


In The Sims 4, vacationing is a remarkably simple process. Your sim’s enjoyment and social skills will both improve as a result. Also, people can use their vacation for any productive activity to advance their social and professional lives. They have more fun when they write, paint, or practise music.








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