Sims 4 How To Get Plasma Fruit

A completely new way to live and a brand-new challenge for feeding your sims, plasma fruit, were both added by The Sims 4: Vampires Game Pack. In order to survive, vampires must include plasma in their diet because they don’t particularly enjoy consuming conventional food. It’s crucial to know where to get plasma fruit if you don’t want other sims to hate you because they can acquire this plasma by biting humans, consuming plasma fruit, or buying plasma packs.

Where To Find Plasma Fruit In Sims 4

Only vampire Sims can eat plasma fruit, which is a fruit that contains plasma (the game’s name for blood). The pale pink plasma fruit has a somewhat onion-like appearance. Vampire Sims consume plasma fruit and sip it with a straw.

If your vampire sim receives a thought bubble containing plasma fruit and a crimson drop close to it, they are likely to be desiring it. Normal Sims will either avoid plasma fruit, depending on their personality qualities or consume it and experience excruciating discomfort.

Plasma Fruit is the only source of food and satiation for your vampire sim if they possess the “Vegetarian” personality attribute. Because you can’t force your vegetarian sim to conduct the “bite neck” action, it’s crucial to provide them with a constant supply of plasma fruit to prevent them from passing away.

As it’s designed to be a simpler option than locating a human Sim and biting their neck, getting Plasma fruit in The Sims 4 is rather simple. You can obtain Plasma fruit in a variety of methods, each requiring a different amount of work and spending.

Plucking Plasma Fruit from A Plasma Tree

This is one of the simplest methods for obtaining Plasma Fruit in The Sims 4: Vampires. For your Sim to eat, locate a Plasma tree and harvest a Plasma fruit from it. While they are smaller than most trees and appear in a variety of locations, Plasma trees can be difficult to locate throughout Forgotten Hollow. This is a good way to locate a Plasma tree.

  • Visit Vlad’s residence in Forgotten Hollow.
  • A Plasma tree will be located behind Vlad’s home. “View Plasma tree” can be chosen by clicking on the tree. You can eat one Plasma fruit, but you can’t pick up a lot of them to carry with you.

If you don’t want to make your vampire sim walk around the neighborhood every time they feel their plasma pangs, this method can become tedious. To ensure a more consistent supply of Plasma, it makes sense to adopt a different approach.
You do not need to bother about sending vampires to the bathroom on a regular basis because they do not have a bladder function. This gives you more time to concentrate on locating enough Plasma to keep them full.

Planting Plasma Seeds

The best course of action in Sims 4: Vampires is to plant Plasma seeds in order to grow your very own Plasma Tree. You’ll simply need to visit your backyard when you’re thirsty and won’t need to constantly spending money on Plasma.

There are two ways to get Plasma seeds:

  • A sample can be taken from a different Plasma tree. Planting these seeds in your backyard is an option.
  • When you reach Vampire Level 8, you can simply purchase the seeds from your computer for 300 Simoleons, eliminating the need to worry about searching for them. On your PC, choose Vampire Secrets, and then buy the seeds. Now you may plant them in your garden or backyard.

Even though this is the simplest method for obtaining Plasma Fruits, it is not a permanent fix. Before you can consume the plants, you will need to wait for them to fully develop into fruit-bearing trees. To grow the Plasma Fruit seeds, your Sim will also need to have some basic gardening abilities.

Don’t try to plant a Plasma fruit tree if your vampire sim has very little energy and is dehydrated.

Where To Find Plasma Packs in Sims 4: Vampires

Where to find Plasma Packs in Sims 4: Vampires

Your Sim may require Plasma immediately if they are about to pass out from weariness or hunger. You will require a plasma pack if there isn’t a plasma fruit tree, a human sim, or Vlad’s plasma tree nearby.

Buying A Plasma Pack

The Vampire version of munchies is a plasma pack. A Plasma fruit would totally quench a Vampire Sim’s thirst, but these short Plasma drinks won’t quite do the same.

Plasma Packs are available for purchase online. Purchase Plasma Packs there for 50 simoleons by going to the Vampire Secrets section.

Purchasing Plasma Packs can be costly and should only be done in dire circumstances. Since they only partially slake your Sim’s thirst, they aren’t really worth the cost.

Turning frogs And fish Into Plasma packs

Here’s a clever little technique. As a vampire simulation, you may also transform the pond’s fish and frogs into Plasma packs. This would necessitate having a pond in your backyard and maybe a less expensive approach to obtaining a consistent supply of Plasma food.

What Can You Make with Plasma Fruit?

What can you make with Plasma Fruit?

The Vampire expansion pack is no different from the base Sims 4 game in that cooking is a key component. While vampire Sims lack the ability to feel hunger, they do like beverages made from plasma. You can use plasma fruit to make your own drinks for your vampire sim to enjoy.

If kept outside of a refrigerator, plasma fruit doesn’t last very long. When placed on your Sim’s kitchen counter, you can anticipate it to last for somewhere between 10 and 14 hours.

One of the best dishes is plasma fruit salad, which thoroughly quenches the thirst of your Sims. Moreover, the Forgotten Hollow pub serves the Plasma Jane beverage. Plasma Jane takes a while for your vampire sim to consume and doesn’t quench their hunger as effectively as a Plasma Pack, but it can significantly lift their spirits.

For potions, Plasma Fruit is also crucial. Using two garlic and one Plasma fruit, you may make a Sunlight Reversal cocktail. This prevents your Sim from quickly exhausting when exposed to sunlight and instead keeps them energized.

Making the Ultimate Vampire’s Cure will allow you to change your Vampire Sim back into a Human Sim at any time. The ingredients for this dish are ten each of Wolfsbane, Garlic, and Plasma Fruit.

Plasma Fruit will keep your vampire sim content so they can continue developing their supernatural skills and converting good people to the dark side. This Sims 4 guide will show you how to revive Sims in case your vampire sim drank too much plasma from a human sim.



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