How To Uninstall Sims 4 On Mac In Different Ways

You can play triple-A games on macOS computers as well, though gamers are more inclined to select Windows machines for this purpose. This features the well-known video game The Sims 4 for single-player play. As this takes up a lot of storage space on your computer, you might be interested in learning how to completely and quickly remove Sims 4 on Mac.

There are numerous platforms on which you can play the game The Sims 4. They include Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, macOS, PlayStation 4, and even Old Mac OS. It was first made available on September 02, 2014. Electronic Arts, a well-known firm, released this simulation game.

This tutorial will show you how to completely remove Sims 4 on a Mac. We’ll show you how to utilize the program to uninstall Mac apps. After that, we’ll discuss how to manually uninstall programs and games from your computer.

The Simplest Method to Fully Uninstall Sims 4 on Mac

How can Sims 4 be entirely uninstalled on a Mac? By using a specialized uninstallation program, you may do it quickly and safely. PowerMyMac, an optimizer created by iMyMac, is the tool in question.

Many capabilities are included in this optimization tool, including small tools for finding and removing garbage data. In order to avoid clogging up your computer’s storage, it also features a tool that can assist you in finding duplicate files.

The simplest and quickest technique for removing Sims 4 from a Mac is to utilize PowerMyMac. The App Uninstaller feature of PowerMyMac is therefore the ideal tool we require. This module lets you remove programs and games from your PC.

How to Uninstall Sims 4 on Mac Manually? Steps to Follow

  • Installing PowerMyMac on your computer is completely free.
  • Open PowerMyMac on your machine, then select the App Uninstaller module in the left panel.
  • Thereafter, press the SCAN button. All of the installed Mac software, including games, will be discovered by the utility.
  • the fourth Sims game. Make careful to choose all of its data, files, directories, etc.
  • In order to begin the removal procedure, click the CLEAN button.
  • You should hold off until the entire uninstalling procedure is finished. It will notify you using PowerMyMac.
  • Once that has been displayed, shut down PowerMyMac. Moreover, if new settings need to take effect, you can restart your computer if you’d like.
  • Steps for Full Sims 4 Removal on Mac
How to Uninstall Sims 4 on Mac Manually? Steps to Follow
  • Right, it’s quite simple. So if you’re unsure about how to remove apps like Avast or Steam from your Mac or how to uninstall Sims 4 on a Mac in the future, try PowerMyMac to quickly and completely remove them!
  • You can clean and improve your Mac using this all-in-one utility. It can increase performance, safeguard privacy, and free up storage space on our Mac with just a few easy clicks.


How to uninstall The Sims 4 from your PC has been covered in this article. The simplest approach for removing the aforementioned game from your Mac was discussed first. PowerMyMac, your computer’s top optimization program, can help you with this.

The manual removal instructions for Sims 4 for Mac were then provided. Delete the main application first to accomplish this. By looking at everything in your main Library folder after that, you may manually delete any connected files and folders.

In light of this, it is not advised to delete programs manually. In order to remove programs from your computer without any problems, download and install iMyMac PowerMyMac. It can also be used to accelerate the performance of your computer. The macOS computer will run at its best if you use the PowerMyMac tool right away!

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