How to Turn on Asus Laptop without Power Button

It is best to get the broken power button replaced or repaired if you are having trouble opening your laptop as a result of it.

But until then, you might need other approaches to turn on your PC that don’t involve the broken button. Or perhaps all you want to do is find a way to charge your laptop remotely.

Whatever the motivation, we have offered effective alternatives to pressing the power button to start your laptop.

Why Is My Laptop Not Working?

You might want to take a look at your laptop and determine why it isn’t working before we explain a few techniques. A laptop may stop functioning and refuse to turn on for a variety of reasons. Here are a few possible explanations:

  • Examine the battery in your laptop; it’s possible that it’s dead, which could explain why it won’t turn on.
  • The battery pocket frequently becomes clogged with dust, impairing its performance.
  • The power jack and other internal parts of the laptop can become damaged, which can prevent it from opening.

Check your laptop thoroughly and evaluate any potential problems if it won’t turn on before making a snap decision.

How To Turn On ASUS Laptop Without Power Button?

Using a keyboard and a motherboard could help turning your laptop switch on. Try these two methods to switch on your PC if your laptop is entirely off and you haven’t activated any waking functions. Check them out below.

  1. Using keyboard

If you are not technically inclined, it may be intimidating to take a screwdriver and disassemble the laptop. However, by pressing a few keys on the keyboard, you can quickly mimic the power input. It will be that simple, as you correctly predicted. Let’s look at the detailed instructions for a Windows 10 laptop:

  • The F10, F2, and DEL keys that you frequently use to boot your laptop must be pressed in order to access the Basic Input/Output System.
  • You must locate and choose the power management option, which is also present on your keyboard, after entering the BIOS.
  • On different laptops, the option might look different, but you can still find it with ease.
  • Configure your laptop’s power backup keys next, then save your changes.
  • Check to see if you properly saved the settings by turning off and then turning back on your laptop.

Instead of using the keyboard method to turn on the laptop, people use it more as a preventative measure. But if you don’t have a power key and need an emergency key to start your laptop, this method works perfectly.

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2. Using the motherboard

The motherboard option is best if you are skilled with screwdrivers and can access more of your laptop. How to apply this technique is as follows:

  • If your laptop is currently charging, you must first disconnect the charging cable.
  • Find the power button by removing the back lid with a screwdriver.
  • There are three to six pins under the power button; remove it gently.
  • Either connect the pins with a wire or short circuit them using a conductor like a screwdriver.
  • The laptop will eventually turn on after the procedure.

Use this method only if you are skilled in handling a laptop and its replacement parts. If not, you should hire a professional as the motherboard is very prone to damage.

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We have mentioned two methods for “how to turn on Asus laptop without power button”, if your power button is not working properly and you are in a great need to start the laptop.

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