How To Recolor CC Sims 4

Guys, howdy! I wanted to share with you how I recolor objects with you today. I learned how to recolor by myself, so I may not be doing it the simplest way or the way others are, but it makes sense to me. I hope it makes sense to you as well!

Recoloring items is essential in a game without a color wheel and with objects that infrequently match or have strange colors. What’s with all the white things in this game? Getting rid of the dirty tint from all those whites will probably be your first priority. I’ll demonstrate how to make your teeth whiter.

Yet, let’s take a brief diversion into the morality of producing personalized material first. The most crucial thing is to honor the original creators’ wishes. You CANNOT SHARE IT! If their rules prohibit sharing or altering their meshes, or if they state “do not recolor” (even if it is absurd to put this on an EA product). Period. The discussion is over. Don’t steal like a jerk.

TEST YOUR STUFF is the second most significant guideline. How often have you downloaded something because it was too adorable for words just to find out it was broken once you placed it in your game? Exactly.

This is due to the creator’s lack of interest in real play testing the product or the fact that they do not own the game. Be the opposite of that. Strive to become the kind of CC or Mods producer that people can rely on since they know you only deliver high-quality, thoroughly tested products.

Tools Needed:

  • Graphic editing programs (photoshop, PaintShop, gimp, etc)
  • Gimp + DDS plugin
  • Sims 4 Studio (S4S)

Step 1

On your PC, create a folder to house all of your customized information. The Sims 4 Custom Content folder should be the one at the top of your folder tree, and your goodies should be kept there. All of the materials you would wish to utilize for your CC, such as fabric swatches, artwork, palettes, etc., should be placed in their own folder.

You’ll then have two folders: one for your current Creative Commons project and one for your finished CC. Shown below is a sample of several of my folders, for instance:

Sims 4 Custom Content




–CC Wip

——Name of CC I’m making

–Completed CC

Step 2

Go shopping! Search for fabrics (I recommend color lovers for patterns), artwork, and palettes. A quick word on the artwork, be mindful of the copyrights. I have seen Disney shut people down for using their images. You don’t want to be hit with copyright infringement over some free CC you are making.

Once you have gathered things you like and organized them into their own folder, then you can start the process of doing your first object recolor. This is what a palette looks like, I suggest making yourself a big grid and then filling in each box with colors you like so you can make your own unique color palette.

unique color

Step 3

You can begin the recoloring process now that all the preliminary work has been completed. Open S4S, then select “standalone recolor” from the “object” button. I will type “loveseat” into the search bar at the top because we will be painting a loveseat. If you are certain of what you want to recolor, enter the name or pack number to discover the item more quickly.

We should proceed with The Grand Wickish Pizzazz because it seems like a solid option. To select it, click on it, and then select next from the menu at the bottom of the screen. Name your package after it has finished replicating.

As you can see, every single color that is available for that item appears. Given that light wicker is my preferred color, I want to give myself more of that option. I’ll export a few of the textures, then. Click on the texture tab under the studio tab, then select the texture you wish to export. The 4th and 7th ones will be exported.

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