How To Read With Adults Sims 4

In the Sims 4, your young Sim must “Read with an Adult for 2 Hours” in order to accomplish the Whiz Child Aspiration. It is simple to complete and gives your plot an adorable parenting interaction!

How To Read With An Adult

  • You can choose to play as a child, adult, or senior Sim in your family.
  • Including a children’s book in their collection.
  • Choose “Read to Child” by clicking on the book.
How To Read With An Adult

How to Buy Books in the Sims 4

In The Sims 4, your home must have access to books if you want to read. If you add a bookshelf to your Sims’ homes in build mode, they will have a variety of books at their disposal. You must purchase a book in-game in order to get a certain book or book within a specific genre. In The Sims 4, you can purchase books in one of two ways:

The first option is to “Order” a book on a computer and choose from a selection of books in the Children’s genre to purchase. Your Sim’s inventory will then show it.

Option 2 is to click on a bookshelf and choose “Buy Books” from the menu that appears. There will be a popup window where you can buy any book you like.

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What is the Sims 4 cheat code for the Whiz Kid aspiration?

  • By holding down the keys SHIFT + CTRL + C, you can activate cheats in The Sims 4. Once you’ve entered “testingcheats true,” click OK.
  • Enter aspirations in the bar.
  • complete current milestone
  • Hit Enter to finish the milestone your Sim is now working on!

It’s a simple scam that applies to all aspirations, regardless of whether they are for adults looking to cheat or for children, like Whiz Child.

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