How To Make Half Tiles Sims 4

Are you eager to discover The Sims 4’s newest build mode feature?

Do you wish to make your Sims builds decor better?

This article will describe how to create half-tiles in The Sims 4. This quick and simple approach has a significant impact on improving the decor of your construction and gives you access to more build design choices in the game.

How To Make Half Tiles in The Sims 4

Choose a floor tile option after entering the build mode. Press “CTRL” and “F” simultaneously after choosing a floor tile. As a result, the floor tile will change from being the size of a full grid area to a quarter tile. Although there is no way to create a half tile, you can quickly create one by putting two-quarter tiles close to one another.

Use the “,” and “.” keys to rotate the quarter tile.

How To Make Half Tiles in The Sims 4

Two Reasons To Use Half Tiles in The Sims 4:

  • To Create A Sleek Diagonal Edge To your Flooring. 

To create a path around your Sim’s house that doesn’t always follow a perpendicular trajectory. This makes the lot look more realistic. To add extra realism, I also like to raise my build onto a foundation.

  • To Create Intricate And Patterned Flooring In Your Build.

When there is flooring that better complements a room’s style than any of the rugs in the game, I like to use this option occasionally instead of laying down a rug.

To Create Intricate And Patterned Flooring In Your Build.

How To Make Half Tiles in The Sims 4 on Console?

The tile feature on consoles is identical to that on personal computers, therefore you can only get whole or quarter tiles; to get a half tile, you must position two-quarter tiles adjacent to one another. To activate the quarter tile feature, press the following buttons:

  • Square on the PS4 (to rotate press the triangle)
  • X on XBOX (to rotate press Y)


The Sims 4 has a tonne of build mode tips and tricks that you can use to make your creations more fascinating and realistic. It’s easy to accomplish this by using quarter or half tiles rather than whole tiles.

In The Sims 4, how frequently do you use half tiles? Tell me in the comments section below!



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