How to Bring a Sim Back to Life Sims 4

Using Ambrosia

This is the most efficient technique to make them come back from the dead. This meal called Ambrosia is made with uncommon, recently harvested ingredients. Only a skilled Gourmet chef can prepare a dish this powerful. But maybe the most difficult element of making ambrosia is getting all the ingredients.

Since making ambrosia is a time-consuming and difficult process, you can let your ghostly Sim wander around aimlessly in your home while your living, breathing Sim performs all of your orders:

1.  Improve your Gardening Skill

  Improve your Gardening Skill

Learn to graft by raising your Gardening Skill to level 5. Grafting is a gardening technique that enables you to cut off a section of two separate plants, take a section of one, and place it onto the root of another plant. A brand-new plant species will be produced as a result of the entire process.

2. Make an Orchid

 Make an Orchid

Cut a piece of your lily plant, and then graft it onto your Snapdragon to create an orchid. For a few days, you must let the orchid grow. As a result, you can start honing your other skills while you wait for it to mature.

3.  Max out Your Cooking and Gourmet Cooking Skills

 Max out your Cooking and Gourmet Cooking Skills

In order to use your Sim’s Gourmet Cooking features, level up your cooking skill to level 6. Your gourmet expertise also has to be improved. As Ambrosia is such a beautiful dish, maxing out both of these skills will aid in your quest to obtain it.

4.  Make a Pomegranate Tree

Make a Pomegranate Tree

Graft an apple onto your cherry tree to create a pomegranate tree. You can put your trees inside your greenhouse or indoors if they are currently dormant or out of season and hence unable to produce fruit.

5. Buy the Potion of youth

 Buy the Potion of youth

In order to purchase this elixir, you must amass 1,500 satisfaction points. Although it is a difficult undertaking, if you have already accumulated enough points, it wouldn’t harm to use them all to get the Potion of Youth.

6. Make a Death Flower

 Make a Death Flower

Cut a piece of your orchid and transplant it onto the pomegranate tree once they have reached full maturity.

7. Catch an Angelfish

  Catch an Angelfish

Among all the steps, this one takes the longest amount of time. One of the games most difficult to capture fish is the angelfish. The ideal location for Base Gamers to capture an angelfish is Willow Creek. Considering how uncommon this fish is, employing bait will improve your chances of hauling it in. Frogs that live in ponds can be used as fish bait if you decide to go fishing in Magnolia Blossom Park in Willow Creek.

8. Cook Ambrosia

Cook Ambrosia

Your expert Sim can now painstakingly create Ambrosia using the Angelfish, Potion of Youth, and Death Flower.

After consuming Ambrosia, a dead Sim is certain to be brought back to life. When a regular Sim consumes Ambrosia, their age is reset, and they return to their formative years.

Ambrosia is a food that may be consumed by neighborhood Ghost Sims that aren’t playable. Offer them your Ambrosia as well if you wish to invite them inside your home. In order for the Ambrosia to work, you need to establish a positive rapport with these non-playable Ghost Sims.

Other ways to resurrect Sims:

Other ways to resurrect Sims

Although you still need to sharpen your talents, there are alternative ways to reverse a Sim’s death that don’t require as much gardening and fishing.

With DLCs 

Sims 4: Realm of Magic, you can instruct your Spellcaster Sims to bring back the lives of Sims who have passed away.

Your Ghost Sims can make a wish at a Whispering Wishing Well in The Sims 4: Romantic Garden Item Pack in order to come back to life. This isn’t a guaranteed method for resurrecting Sims because the fulfillment of their wishes will rely on the Wishing Well’s fluctuating mood.

The Book of Life

The Book of Life

By writing The Book Of Life, you can revive Sims who have passed away. This technique will only work if you can read Sim the book before they pass away. Below are the procedures for writing the Book of Life:

1. Create a New Sim

Enter Create-A-Sim mode and create a Sim if you don’t already have one with the Bestselling Author Aspiration. The only Sims capable of creating The Book of Life are those who have a passion for writing.

2. Fulfill your goals

To unlock The Book of Life, you must max out your writing ability and achieve all of your aspirational objectives.

3. Resurrect your Sim

Produce the book and release it. The Book of Life can only be applied to one Sim at a time. Click “Capture Epic Saga” and choose the Sim you’d hate to lose if you have the book in your inventory. This will connect your Sim to the book, allowing you to resurrect them if they were to pass away suddenly.

For this strategy to be effective, just with the Ambrosia dish, you must build a strong bond with that Sim.

Pleading with the Grim Reaper

Pleading with the Grim Reaper

By pleading for the Sims’ life, you can stop the Grim Reaper from carrying out his judgment if you see him approaching your Sim who is on the border of life and death.

The Grim Reaper can grant your Sim a second chance at life if he or she hears your cries.

Using Cheats

Using Cheats

You can always look for the Ambrosia dish or The Book of Life in the Gallery and acquire them right away if you don’t feel like going through a laborious method.

The cheat bar can also be displayed by pressing Shift + Control + C. Type “death” and the code testing cheatsue. Toggle this option to stop your Sim from d

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