Exposing Apex Legends’ Underappreciated Volt’s Strength

Engage in the discussion on Apex Legends’ secret treasure, the Volt.

In Apex Legends, there are heated disputes about weapon choices. One hot topic gaining traction on Reddit is the investigation of the Volt SMG and its efficacy in the game.

The Volt’s Hidden Potential

FatFart900 praises the Volt for its impressive iron sights and controlled recoil, emphasizing its effectiveness despite the absence of extended magazine extensions. Despite garnering mixed responses, gamers appreciate the weapon’s flexibility, particularly its accurate hip-fire accuracy.

The Prowler vs. The Volt

Taking a different stance, FuknCancer prefers the Prowler in contemporary gaming, claiming its usefulness in both aimed-down-sight (ADS) and hipfire circumstances. This demonstrates the different individual preferences in weapon choosing, which are impacted by unique gameplay experiences.

Exploring Weapon Diversity

Idlemarch expresses worry about the paucity of energy ammunition, providing emphasis on the practical issues related with various weapon selections and how they affect overall gaming strategy.

In a beautiful ode to the Volt, BangSmoke demonstrates mastery of its recoil pattern, emphasizing the weapon’s versatility and capacity to thrive in a variety of combat circumstances.

James Baddon provides a unique perspective, dealing with the Volt’s low recoil due to their propensity for firearms with greater kick. This emphasizes the importance of personal playstyle compatibility in weapon choices.

WllNNXX heartily recommends the Volt, highlighting its adaptability and efficacy in battle scenarios while also urging players to experiment with other weapon combinations.

EvanQueenSummers offers a balanced view on energy weapons, noting their wide value while emphasizing the significance of individual preferences in determining weapon selection.


Is the volt good in Apex Legends?

The Volt SMG in Apex Legends exemplifies flexibility, acting as a balanced weapon ideal for a variety of circumstances. Positioned between perfection and mediocrity, it is efficient in a variety of scenarios, using energy ammo while delivering devastating firepower.

When did the volt come out of the apex?

The Volt has been mentioned in Apex Legends since Season 2, and it will make its appearance in Season 6.

What is the volt in Apex?

The volition and the devotion are comparable in a number of ways. As an energy-based SMG, it has considerable DPS potential, but it burns energy ammo quickly owing to its small magazine capacity and quick reload times.


  • Players’ opinions on the Volt’s performance are divided, emphasizing its specific qualities.
  • Many gamers compliment its accuracy and recoil control, making it a flexible pick.
  • Individuals’ playstyle choices influence their selection of alternate energy weapons.
  • The continuing argument highlights the range of weapons available in Apex Legends.

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