Apex Legends Players Disappointed By “Useless” Season 20 Perks

Players entering Season 20 of Apex Legends have reported displeasure with the usefulness of EVO bonuses, notably among characters like Horizon and Wraith.

To counter the current rat-heavy meta, several modifications were made during the season to reduce over-camping for advantageous locations.

A notable change was replacing EVO shields with character-specific evolution trees, which gave players rewards for battle involvement, team restoration, squad elimination, and damage infliction.

While this upgrade effectively encouraged more aggressive playstyles, many players were dissatisfied with the perceived insufficient rewards delivered by the Perks.

Players of Apex Legends Believe Certain Season 20 Benefits Are “Trash.”

Community users have proposed various different proposals and changes to improve gameplay in Apex Legends.

Among these recommendations is the review of the Ammuvision perk, which users believe does not greatly improve gameplay.

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  • The observed differences in the efficacy of perks between legends highlight the apparent imbalance in their utility.
  • As a result, the community actively promotes alternate incentives and improvements that meet these issues while also ensuring player pleasure and balanced gameplay.

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