Apex Legends Players Demand Straight Shot LTM Becomes Permanent

Apex Legends players have rapidly formed a taste for Season 20’s latest Limited-Time Mode (LTM), Straight Shot, and expressed a strong desire for Respawn to keep it throughout the season.

The new adjustments in Season 20, such as substantial changes to the crafting system and the introduction of Legend Upgrades, have dramatically altered the mechanics of the battle royale.

Straight Shot, the new LTM launched in Season 20, provides players with a reduced and streamlined version of the traditional battle royale experience.

With the mode now accessible for some time, gamers are keen to see it continue for the duration of Season 20.

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Apex Legends players want Straight Shot LTM to stay.

A conversation occurred among Apex Legends fans on the subreddit following a post titled “Straight Shot should last the entire season,” which urged for the LTM to be extended beyond its initial two-week term.

The originator of the post voiced a wish for the Straight Shot mode to be extended throughout Season 20, highlighting its popularity among players who prefer action-packed gaming over lengthy looting stages.

It’s worth remembering that LTMs, or limited-time modes, like Straight Shot, have a predetermined length and will be withdrawn from the game after two weeks of Season 20.

In Summary

  • ‘Straight Shot’ mode has been praised as the best LTM for solitary players, offering a refreshing and rewarding gaming experience.
  • Players appreciate the game’s simplified structure and the faster pace provided by ‘Straight Shot.’
  • Many people agree that Respawn should focus on and create modes like ‘Straight Shot’ to accommodate a larger player base.

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