Apex Legends Gun Mastery Challenges: 5 Distraction Factors

The Apex Legends community is becoming more frustrated owing to the sophisticated gun mastering challenges, leading to an investigation into the fundamental causes.

Player displeasure has been clear, with user AnalystShort1331 passionately outlining the difficulties faced, notably with the Flatline mastery assignments, and urging for a system overhaul.

Players’ Frustration with Gun Mastery Challenges

AnalystShort1331’s criticisms were shared by many players, who agreed that tasks like Impactful and Flatlined were overly particular and difficult to fulfill through standard gaming. SkateBush420 emphasized the possible ease of overcoming issues through the use of mixtapes, exposing other approaches that may not be immediately apparent. Meanwhile, players such as AnApexPlayer cleared up misconceptions about particular difficulties, while others, such as JoblessCobra2, highlighted the difficulty created by a lack of control over teammates’ behavior when completing specific objectives.

Challenges: Testing Patience

Numerous gamers, notably ComprehensiveBed5351, have expressed their desire for a comprehensive revamp or removal of the weapon mastery tasks. They found difficulties like “cracked,” which demands repeated shield shattering inside a single match, very difficult. Despite this, Original_Advantage75 stated that patience and steady progress are required to overcome such difficulties.


  • Players are dealing with complex problems like Impactful and Flatlined, which result in repetitious and boring chores.
  • Solo players face increased difficulties in tasks like Flatlined, which rely significantly on team interaction.
  • Players agree that gun mastering tests should be more useful and less repetitive.

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